Red iPhone 13 pro cover

Red iPhone 13 pro cover

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Red iPhone 13 pro cover

when you purchase such an expensive phone might as well invest in great protection for it …. here are some awesome deals for iphone 13 pro covers, they look better than their images in real life

Phone Covers Decoded –

Phone cover is a thing that increases our phone’s life expectancy and durability. A good phone cover will protect your phone from scratches and from the areas when your device is dropped.
Many people use phone covers just for the cool stuff and to make their phones more attractive but on a serious matter, we should not go for the looks of the case instead go for the material that is used in the case.

Types of phone cover –

Nowadays at the market, there are many trendy and premium phone covers available. Some of them are –
Hard Phone cases – A hard phone case is a hard shell-like case that is molded for a specific phone version that will fit onto the phone. It will usually cover the back of the phone and its four corners. They typically are thin and lightweight, adding not much bulk to the phone. Hard phone cases regularly come in clear and transparent or multiple colors, and often in matte and gloss finishes.
Silicone Phone cases – Many people know silicone phone cases from just at the beginning of when phones became smart. They were very soft, a little bit sticky to the touch, and they gripped the surface they were placed on. They were very popular for a while. They cover the back and sides of the phones.
Leather Phone cases- They are a popular higher-end style of the phone case. They are similar in weight and form factors to the silicone, and hard cases but made from leather.
Advantages of phone cover-
There are many advantages of a phone cover.
It will protect your phone from scratch, food spills, and damages thus resulting in the life expectancy of the phone.
They can absorb the shock and give less amount of damage to your phone.
Decorative phone cases look good which makes the phone looks good too.
Most of them are good and very easy to install.

Disadvantages of phone cover –

It will give your phone a more bulky look.
It will make your phone a bit heavier.
Due to the phone cover, there will be an accumulation of dust and dirt in the phone.
It will affect the battery life of the phone by overheating the phone body.

How signals are impacted with phone covers –

Not all but some phone covers act as a barrier between the signals that are going in & out from the phone. Materials like silicone, metal, aluminum can act as a barrier. One has to use a simple and best cover to protect the phone, not go for the materials like metal, silicone, aluminum, copper.

World’s most expensive phone cover –

At present, the world’s most expensive phone cover was designed by a designer named Alexander Amosu. He designed the cover for Apple’s iPhone 6. It cost $2.75M. The apple logo will be cut to the exact shape of the apple logo from 51.29 karats.

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  • This product is available at Flipkart,
  • At you can purchase GadgetM Back Cover for Apple Iphone 12 Pro Max(Red, Camera Bump Protector) for only Rs. 128
  • The lowest price of X-Doria Back Cover for Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max(Red) was obtained on March 29, 2024 10:13 pm.

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GadgetM Back Cover for Apple Iphone 12 Pro Max(Red, Camera Bump Protector), GadgetM

Price: Rs. 128
as of March 29, 2024 10:13 pm

Price History

Golden Sand Back Cover for Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max(Red, Shock Proof), Golden Sand

Price: Rs. 599
as of March 29, 2024 10:13 pm

Price History

Spigen Back Cover for Apple iPhone 12, Apple iPhone 12 Pro(Red, Grip Case), Spigen

Price: Rs. 1,199 out of stock
as of March 29, 2024 10:13 pm

Price History

X-Doria Back Cover for Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max(Red), X-Doria

Price: Rs. 1,149
as of March 29, 2024 10:13 pm

Price History

Price history

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Red iPhone 13 pro cover
Red iPhone 13 pro cover
1399 2500
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