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Buying a used car may be an enjoyable and frightening experience. On the one extreme, you can pick a car that meets your needs and pricing. On the other hand, is the chance of obtaining a lemon, or a used auto with hidden issues and high maintenance expenses. Buying a used car can be a viable option, especially for first-time car owners restricted by their budget. But second-hand/used/pre-owned cars have their share of advantages and disadvantages, and you must be aware of them to make an informed decision. Here’s a complete used car buying guide in India to help you out

This used car buying guide has already been put together to guide you in making the best decision possible. This guidebook covers all topics, including budgeting, arguing with vendors, and acquiring the car examined. You will be fully informed of what to do (and what to avoid) when purchasing a used car after you’ve finished reading this used car buying guide. Owning a car is always a big decision keeping in mind not only the cost of the car but the total cost of ownership, also because you wouldn’t buy a car every year and would like to use it for at least for few years. As per different reports, most first-time buyers prefer a used car over a new car. Buying a second-hand car can be a grim experience for many, but by keeping a few pointers in mind it can go a lot smoother than you think. Asymmetric detail is always a problem in this where there is always the risk of lemons. Keep a cautious eye out and it is best to educate yourself for best make a purchase the used car for you.

Why you should buy a used car?

Why you should buy a used car?

While buying a used car The first step in your used-car-buying journey is to zero in on the type or model of the car you want to buy. Do you want to buy a hatchback or sedan; an SUV or a convertible? Will you be using the car for your office commute in the city or long road trips on weekends? Use HDFC Bank’s website to compare and research used cars.If you know the kind of car you want to buy, you can also arrive at an approximate budget. Once you have a budget, you can plan how you will raise the funds to finance the car.

How good are used cars? The answer is primarily with online used car dealers not with offline used car dealers because their only motive is to close the deal quickly and sell used cars to the clients the main point is to check a car intensively before putting it for sale and they also offer warranties and guarantees and generally combined with the trust and reliability and Indian online used car platforms are fast becoming used cars buyers go to the link and buying a used car. We buy used cars because they are affordable, have lower depreciation rates warranted, and great quality cars. The advantages and disadvantages of buying a used car are as follows


  1. lower price tag
  2. lower car insurance premium
  3. the slower rate of depreciation
  4. lower loan amount


  1. Not reliable as a new car
  2. No warranty coverage
  3. Limited options
  4. Old technology and features

Why are used cars affordable?

Why are used cars affordable?

Because of their low depreciation cost and enough time on the road to bring down their value considerably used cars are affordable. A used car in fact makes more sense for first-time buyers upgrading from two-wheelers or public transportation, or for that matter, someone looking to buy a second set of wheels in the family. Now here are five reasons clarifying why buying a used car instead of a new car is more sensible. the average life span of a car is going down despite the steady rise in prices, which brings in good news for potential used car buyers! Thanks to manufacturers launching newer versions of their models sooner now as compared to a few years ago, more and more modern cars are now entering the used car market, which makes it easy for you to make a good buy without having to bust your wallet. while affordability Is often seen as synonymous with quality any such doubt can be laid to rest by buying certified pre-owned cars from trusted vendors. 

Low depreciation rate?

Generally, this is the main reason why used car sells more across the world because of cost, the depreciation rate is the loss of value of assets one owns, the rate of depreciation generally depends upon various factors but the primary cause that brings the value down is its wear and tear, and mileage. The higher the mileage the higher the depreciation rate and for a new car this means an average % loss of value just after a year. Used cars are generally high depreciation phase, which means there won’t be a significant loss of value once you try to sell it.

Lower insurance premium?

A lower insurance premium means the insured declared value(IDV) of a car is different from its age, which means a newer car will have a high (IDV) compared to and used car. A new car is of higher value which leads to higher insurance costs. But perceived value starts to come down, due to myriad factors, which is why the insurance premium also comes down.

They are warranted and great quality cars?

Nowadays there is nothing used about used cars. This is because certified dealers take great care in making sure that used cars match their appearance, similar to their new counterparts, used cars from certified dealers come with limited warranties, which can give the customer a sense of security when buying a used car, the durability and mechanical standards of a new car, thus ensuring high customer satisfaction, Ask for service and maintenance records of the car. Do some research on the model and year of manufacture, particularly any recurring problems reported by car owners. Consider the manufacturer’s reputation while you evaluate the car.

What is the overall condition of the car?

What is the overall condition of the car?

The main point to figure out before making a purchase is the car should be free from any big defects. There is no need to buy a car that is not usable and contains major defects. Before making a purchase firstly check it by taking a test drive and all its systems like brake, lightning, cooling engine, good emission, suspension, and overall good condition of the body. if you are going to purchase a car first checked it with a mechanic

How is the interior of the car?

How is the interior of the car?

Check the upholstery for tears or cigarette burns. These can be good reasons to ask for some money off the offer price. Check the stereo, air conditioning unit, and windows. Take a look at the mileage reading on the odometer. Thoroughly inspect the interior so that you get what you are paying for. It is very important to take the car out on a drive before committing. Get behind the wheel and drive around for about 20 minutes at different speeds. This would help figure out if the car is in fact in good shape and you can also spot defects that were previously missed. Whether you are buying your car from a dealer or an owner, there’s always room for negotiation in the budget. Do your due diligence on the market price of similar cars. offers that are too good to be true and don’t be shy to walk away from a deal if something is missing in the car. then it is all up to you whether you make a deal or reject to make a purchase.

Car companies nowadays put in a lot of thought and R&D resources into the interior design of their products. It is safe to say that they have certainly come a long way from their earlier rudimentary designs. Now, they are loaded with a lot of equipment and comfort elements that definitively amplify your driving experience.  the scope of putting in additional items is still almost infinite.

Planning for modification?

Planning for modification?

If you are planning to make modifications choose your car accordingly. Every car owner wants to modify their cars to enhance their external look and color and get optimum driving performance. If you are similarly planning to modify your car, you should be aware of the car modifications rule. Engine modifications, engine fuel, color modification, or whichever modification you are planning on, choose the model that can accommodate them. Newer models are more likely to support upgrades and conversions than older ones. Every car model has its strengths and weaknesses, and you can get deep into the specs of many components. Before you’re up to your neck in, say, 2” lift kit options, define what it is you want to improve. Outline a list of specific improvement objectives before you come to Carolina Customs so that you’re not starting the conversation cold. While it’s fun to shop based solely on appearance, being strategic about your mods will give you long-term value and prevent disappointment.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best age for a used car?

What Age Range for Used Cars Is the “Sweet Spot”? The ideal age to purchase a used car is between two and three years because it will retain “like new” quality and have a slower rate of depreciation. Americans can actually save up to $14,000 on a three-year-old car.

How much km is good for a used car?

The general starting point to take into account is 20,000 KM or less per year, even though every buyer will have a different idea of how much mileage is too much on a used car. This would imply that a car with 100,000 km on it and a 5-year-old would be regarded as having an average number of miles on it.

Is it worth buying a 10-year-old car?

A well-kept 10-year-old car might be a better investment than a more recent model that hasn’t been maintained. A car will typically be reliable for up to 5 years if it has been maintained, as a general rule of thumb.

What are the signs of a healthy engine?

Without hesitation or power lulls, which could point to a low battery or an issue with the ignition timing, it should be smooth, level, and stable. Keep an ear out for any unusual vibration or knocking as this could indicate an engine oil issue.

At what age should a car be replaced?

When you own a car, it can be challenging to determine when to replace it. A common error made by car owners is believing that they must replace their vehicles every few years. Although most drivers only keep their cars for about six years, the average age of a vehicle on the road is about 11 years.

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