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Here’s TV Buying Guide for you

In market nowadays, there are plenty of options available even when buying a TV. Smart TV, OLED TV, QLED TV, 4K, HDR and even 8K are now available in the markets. It’s getting more confusing to choose what is best for you, what you need and How much of the TV you need.

Keeping everything in mind, we have prepared this guide with the most important factors which one should keep in mind before buying a TV.
Here is a quick look on the factors which we will talk about –

Display type
Screen Size of the TV
Connectivity Options
Refresh rate
Sound, and most important

Mainly there are 3 or 4 types of TV widely available in the market – LED, OLED, QLED and sometimes LCD.

LED TV has the biggest market among all the types. Because of its cheap rates and good performance, most of the people consider LED TVs. OLED is the most expensive type of TVs.

They deliver a fantastic performance with all the modern features and functions like motion blur and the great black level on the screen. QLED TV are considered to have a great display brightness and colors. They are Better than LED TV but somehow close to OLED ones.

Screen Size of the TV

Screen Size is obviously the most important factor when someone TV buying guide. Screen Size is totally depended on the size of the wall and the space in the room where you want to place that TV. It is totally up to how closely you want to sit to the TV. The closer you to the TV, the higher the resolution is.

Screen Resolution

Resolution defined as the number of pixels required to make up the picture on a screen. The more the number of pixels, the sharper and well defined the picture is. Therefore, a high-resolution TV is better. A full HD display is the most favorite and the bestselling Type of resolution all around the world. But TV manufacturers are increasing production of the Ultra HD and 8K resolutions in which even the small objects have the finest details on the screen.
You may go fot the 4K screens if you are a movie or gaming freak, however a full HD display is also a great choice if you want a TV just for entertainment or nothing else.

Connectivity Options

Make sure your TV has connectivity options available like HDMI port, WIFI connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity and USB connection. HDMI Connectivity helps connecting more screen, gaming consoles and Laptops or PC. There must be 2 HDMI port available in the TV. Bluetooth connection helps you to connect your TV with a Audio device like speakers, With a mobile phone as well.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate are mentioned in your TV as a HZ (Hertz). It is described as how many times a picture is refreshed on your TV screen per second. The most common and the standard Refresh rate is 60 times per second. Sometimes in a fast-moving scene, 60hz can make things look blurry so it is good to have more increased refresh rate.

Gamers Consider refresh rate as the most important factor as they require a fast and non-blurry screens. A 120hz refresh rate is the most demandable.


When buying a TV, keep in mind that higher the wattage, louder the sound output is. It is very important that your TV produce enough sound to travel a great distance. Consider you have a 4K OLED TV 65 inches and it is placed a little far away from you for a better view, if the TV have not enough wattage power to produce sound it does not travel to you. Make sure the TV has a higher watt power.


Price is the first thing that most of the people see when buying a TV. We think you are now be able to buy a TV which fits in your home and budget too. The more you spend, the more features you get in a TV.TV prices can vary significantly depending on several factors.

The price of a TV is primarily determined by its size, display technology, brand reputation, and additional features. Smaller-sized TVs, such as those around 32 inches, are generally more affordable compared to larger screens like 55 inches or above. However, the prices of larger TVs have become increasingly competitive in recent years.

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