Smart Watch Buying Guide

Here is the Smart Watch Buying Guide for you

A smartwatch is a wearable computer in the form of a wristwatch. They are typically standalone devices that can run apps, but can also be paired with a smartphone. Smartwatches are capable of running multiple operating systems, and can track and monitor many different health metrics such as heart rate and steps taken. The first smartwatch was released in 2014, and their popularity has been increasing since then. In 2017, global shipments of smartwatches reached 22 million units. By 2021, it is estimated that over 500 million smartwatches buying guide.

Display –


Display plays a crucial role in smartwatch. This is the first impression of the watch. Premium Brands like apple, samsung, fitbit comes with a OLED Display option which has the best picture quality, good refresh rate and a richer overall display than the LCD ones. Then there are mid range watches which have AMOLED display it is not that good as OLED but are better than LCDs.

OS and App –

OS and App

You have to decide which OS you go for. For example if you have an iphone, you will go for any watch but keep in mind it will have a good compatibility rate with an apple watch. But keeping in mind the budget, its all up to you. If you have an android phone then you will not be able to go for the apple watch cuz its not compatible. They are small in size but have the capability to run hundreds of apps like whatsapp, calls, messages, etc.

Battery life –

Battery life

Battery life remains one of the most popular critics while buying a smartwatch. Some brands promises battery life of 2-3 days while some promise 7 or even 10 days in a single charge. Make sure the watch has a better charging rate i.e. some watches goes 80% charged in just 45 mins of charging.

Communications –


Smartwatches comes with a feature of calls, text message or any social media app alert notifications. Many premium brands also comes with a call pick and short messages delivery options.

Budget to Buying a Smartwatch in India

Budget to Buying a Smartwatch in Inda

If you’re looking to buy a smartwatch in India, you’ll need to budget for it accordingly. Smartwatches can vary greatly in price, depending on the features and brand. But on average, you can expect to spend around Rs. 10,000 on a good quality smartwatch.

So, if you’re looking to buy a smartwatch in India, be sure to set aside a budget of at least Rs. 10,000. With this budget, you’ll be able to find a good quality smartwatch from a reputable brand.

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