Room Heater Buying Guide


How to Choose the Right Room Heater

How to Choose the Right Room Heater

Are you looking to buy room heaters for this winter?

Room heaters are now essential because Indian winters are getting colder and harsher with each passing year (especially in northern India, eastern India, and regions of the country that are extremely high above sea level or surrounded by hills). In the market, many options are available but you are confused about which Room heater buying guide is for you.

While everyone has different ways to stay warm and keep their homes cozy during the winter, using a room heater is probably the best and most efficient way to deal with the chilly air.

Warmth and comfort can only be achieved to a certain degree with the use of comforters, blankets, thermal clothing, and wool clothing. Warm soups, coffees, and teas can provide a lot of warmth, but once more, it is fleeting.

In order to keep himself and his people warm at night, the stone-age man used to light fires, especially during winters.

Room heaters buying guide can assist in keeping a room warm for a long time, not just for one person. However, choosing the “right” room heater for your needs may prove challenging given the countless options, types, and makes that are currently available on the market.

By discussing the different types of room heaters buying guide, key characteristics to look for in a room heater, and Seniority’s top picks, we hope to make this decision-making process easier for you. Lets look at the below room heater buying guides that you should keep in mind.

Different Types of Room Heaters

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Today’s market offers many different types of heaters. The various options you have to choose from should first be understood before you make a purchasing decision. Here is a brief overview of the three primary heater types you will encounter in India: 

1. Heaters with convection or fans: Since they can be tucked away when not in use, convection or fan-powered heating appliances are a great choice for Indian households. Fan heaters are well known and utilized all over the world for their efficiency in warming medium to large rooms.
2. Radiant or infrared heaters: Radiant heaters are excellent for warming small areas or rooms with a smaller carpet area and low ceilings because they use infrared technology to produce heat. Here, electricity travels through quartz tubes, creating heat that is transferred to nearby people and objects.
3. Oil Heaters: The heating element of oil heaters are submerged in oil. This causes the oil to heat up, which in turn warms the surrounding air during the winter.

Features to Look for in the Ideal Room Heater

Features to Look for in the Ideal Room Heater

When selecting the best room heater for your needs, you must consider a number of additional factors in addition to the most obvious ones like the manufacturer, warranty, and make. Here are some of the key characteristics to look for when choosing the ideal room heater:

  • Humidity: In order to provide warmth, room heaters essentially use the oxygen present in space. It’s crucial to remember that this significantly lowers humidity levels, especially when used in smaller spaces. Dry eyes, irritated noses, and other conditions can result from low humidity and moisture content. Finding a humidifier or heater that operates while maintaining normal humidity levels is the best way to solve this issue.
  • Thermostat control: When selecting a room heater, it is crucial to be able to set the desired temperature. After all, you want to have the ability to regulate the room’s temperature to your liking. In this situation, precise thermostat control room heaters are ideal.
  • Portability: Some heaters are lightweight and have a convenient handle, making them ideal for homes that want to move the heater from one room to another (rather than buying multiple ones). If you share a home with an elderly person, portability is crucial so they can move the heater as needed.
  • Cord length: When looking for a room heater, be sure to ask how long the power cord is. The better the cord, the more freedom you have to position it as you see fit. The longer the cord, the better.
  • Wattage and heating capacity: Check the room heater’s heating capacity; the better the heating, the higher the capacity. To give you an easy example, a 2000-watt room heater should work if you need one for a 200-square-foot space.
  • Auto turn-off: The advantages of using an automatic heater are numerous. To begin with, the user can turn it on and go to sleep without having to worry about turning off the heater. Setting a timer has another benefit in that it allows you to conserve energy.
  • Energy efficiency: Your monthly electricity bills may increase as a result of using heavy-duty electrical appliances. The energy-efficiency factor must be taken into account because it can prevent you from paying exorbitant electricity bills and ensure environmental friendliness. There’s nothing better than helping the environment if you can, after all!
  • Heating speed: In addition to looking at a room heater’s wattage, think about reading reviews that discuss the product’s efficiency so you can get a good idea of how well the heater can distribute heat.
  • Noise levels: Dealing with products that make a lot of noise isn’t it a complete turnoff? Imagine getting a heater for your room that disrupts your sleep by making a racket! Modern room heaters are made to operate quietly, so it is crucial that you listen to noise levels.
  • Cost: The heater you choose must be worth its price even though cost shouldn’t be your top priority. Before choosing a heater, be sure to compare product costs and discounts. We have high-quality room heating equipment at Seniority that costs between Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 5,000.

Safety Measures of the Room Heater

Safety Measures of the Room Heater

The heating element on the majority of Crompton’s room heaters is locked by a safety grill, which helps keep kids away from it. Portable heaters can quickly develop into fire hazards if not properly controlled. Therefore, it is crucial to think about a space heater’s safety first.

The following safety standards have been evaluated and given ISI approval, and they are included with Crompton’s room heaters in order to significantly lower the risk of fire.

Our halogen and quartz room heaters have Tip Over Protection safety features, which turn off the heating element if the device tips over. When using a room heater, always abide by the safety precautions.

Humidity and Oxygen Levels

It is well known that fan and rod heaters lower the oxygen levels in the space, which can lead to dryness and suffocation. This is a result of the dry heat they produce and the decreased oxygen levels in the space. The best option in this situation is a Crompton Insta Fervor room heater because they don’t burn oxygen.

Regular heaters can also cause dry eyes and nasal blockage by lowering the humidity in the space, which is both uncomfortable and dangerous. You must buy an oil-filled room heater if you live with a young child or an elderly person.


Everyone loves having a warm, comfortable bed during the winter, but a noisy room heater can keep you awake. This is why it’s crucial to check the room heater’s noise levels before buying one.

Room Heater for Asthmatics

Gas-powered room heaters are quite popular in other nations, but this can be problematic for people with asthma. The best option for asthmatics is a fan and oil room heater because they are generally safe.


For a small family, portability is very practical. In this situation, you can pick compact, lightweight room heaters that are simple to move from one room to another.

Energy Efficiency

Heavy-duty heaters with fancy features and designs may come up in your search for the ideal room heater, but they can be expensive to run. Before making a purchase, always consider the room heater’s energy efficiency. How much electricity your room heater uses can be easily calculated.


The size of the room determines exactly what kind of heater you should purchase. According to the general rule, your room should have 10 watts of power per square foot. This indicates that a 1500 W room heater can efficiently warm a 150-square-foot space.

Now you won’t have to worry about having chilly feet or hands during the winter. You can find the ideal heater for your needs by using our in-depth guide to buying a room heater. For your home, Crompton offers a distinctive selection of high-quality heaters.


How do I choose a good room heater?

The most important thing to consider while buying a heater is space, the size of the heater you want, and the fit of the heater in space of your room. You may look for fan-forced heating, convection, infrared, radiant, and micathermic heating types.

Which room heater is best for the bedroom?

For this question, people have their own different answers but in my opinion Fan Heaters are the best option to consider when you are looking for a room heater for the bedroom.

How big of a heater do I need for a 12×12 room?

For every square foot of floor area in a room, you will need 10 watts of heating power. This indicates that a 1,500-watt heater may serve as the main heat source for a space up to 150 square feet in size.

What type of room heater is most efficient?

Electric infrared heater
Radiant heat warms people and objects in a room, not the air in between, in a manner similar to how the sun warms us when we’re outside. Electric infrared heaters are among the most energy-efficient models because no heat is lost by heating unused space.

Which room heater takes less electricity?

Oil-filled heater 
Oil-filled heaters are among the best heaters because they are energy efficient and use less power. Oil room heaters are the best option for kids because they don’t burn oxygen or lower humidity even though they take longer to heat up.

What type of room heater is the cheapest to run?

Halogen heaters
In general, Halogen heaters are among the most affordable kinds of electric heaters. Because they produce instant heat at close range and have an average power output of 1200W, you shouldn’t need to leave them on for extended periods of time.

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