Refrigerator buying guide


How To Choose The Right Refrigerator

How To Choose The right Refrigerator

A refrigerator buying guide is something everyone needs. Are you trying to find a refrigerator that will meet your needs and look good in your kitchen? If so, we’re here to help you find the most useful refrigerator that will keep your food fresh and cold while also having a stylish design that complements your kitchen at a price that fits your budget.

A refrigerator is now more of a fashion statement or an addition to your kitchen’s aesthetic than just a functional home or kitchen appliance.

Before a buyer ultimately decides on a refrigerator for their home, a number of factors must be taken into account. A purchaser searches for the appropriate capacity to accommodate the needs of the entire family and must ensure energy usage to keep a check on the electricity bill. 

In order to avoid the fridge looking out of place, a buyer must also make sure that the fridge they select is the exact size of the space they can devote to this appliance. A buyer has a lot of factors to take into account, and we try to address all of the concerns they might have regarding an electronic appliance.

Today’s consumers have a wide range of options at their disposal, which frequently makes choosing just one item a challenge.

The best features, newest technology, affordable prices, and various other aspects related to a refrigerator that appeal to customers are offered by a number of brands. 

What are the Uses Of A Refrigerator?

What are the Uses Of A Refrigerator

People frequently overlook the uses of the appliance and the purposes for which they need the refrigerator when looking for answers to questions like how to choose a refrigerator. We’ll attempt to comprehend the utility of a refrigerator in this section.

Nowadays, everyone leads a busy life, making it challenging to buy food, produce, and other daily necessities and eat them all on the same day.

These goods require storage space, but the user must also make sure that the freshness is preserved and nothing is thrown away.

In order to keep food from spoiling more quickly due to heat and air, a refrigerator can store food, drinks, vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs, bread, butter, and other eatables.

Ice can be made or stored in the freezer, along with other foods that require freezing. A refrigerator or freezer can also be used to store food items like raw fish and meat.

To find the refrigerator that best meets their needs, a buyer must take a variety of factors into account and ask the right questions. To help you find the most practical, fashionable, and reasonably priced refrigerator in India in 2022, we’ll address the questions you should consider asking.

what type of refrigerator is best?

what type of refrigerator is best?

As previously mentioned, Indian markets now stock a variety of refrigerators. The price and brand of these refrigerators vary according to a number of features, including size, capacity, technology, specifications, etc.

The market offers a variety of refrigerator models, and consumers can select one that best suits their family’s needs and usage. In order to understand how each type of refrigerator works and make a better decision, we will discuss them in this section.

There are two types of refrigerators:-

  1. Direct cooling 
  2. Frost free cooling 

What Is The Star Rating In A Refrigerator?

What Is The Star Rating In A Refrigerator

Star ratings are used by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) in India to rate the power consumption of an electronic device or gadget.

The star ratings are awarded by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, denoting the amount of power consumed by the appliance.

Ratings from 1 to 5 are provided to the appliances where 1-star rated appliances consume the most power and 5-star rated refrigerators are the most energy-efficient. 

The energy rating is one of the most important things to consider when buying a refrigerator in India. Buying a more energy-efficient refrigerator helps you save on electricity bills and is less harmful to the environment. 

How To Select Your Refrigerator Size?

How To Select Your Refrigerator Size

It depends on the number of people who live in your family and the capacity of the refrigerated you need.

No. Of Family MembersFridge TypeCapacity
1 personSingle door fridge50 litres to 250 litres
2 to 3 membersSingle-door/ Double door250 litres to 500 litres
4 to 5 membersDouble door/ Triple door500 litres to 700 litres
6+ membersSide-by-side door550 litres to 750+ litres

Major Things To Consider When Buying A Refrigerator In India

Major Things To Consider When Buying A Refrigerator In India

When properly cared for and maintained, a refrigerator is an electronic appliance that can last for many years and provide good cooling. When purchasing a refrigerator for their home, the buyer must take certain factors into account.

The best refrigerators for homes will be discussed in this section along with the guidelines to follow and key considerations.

  • You must first determine the kind of refrigerator you require. The cooling system, compressor, and technology will be the main determinants of this.
  • Finding the features you need most and those you can do without comes next. This will assist you in narrowing down your list of choices.
  • When purchasing a refrigerator, it’s important to take the refrigerator’s size and storage capacity into account. When evaluating the size, the refrigerator’s dimensions are also crucial.
  • Additionally, the buyer must determine whether a Smart fridge is necessary or whether a regular fridge will do.
  • For those who place a high value on aesthetics and design, the colour, design, and finishing of the refrigerator are also crucial. The colour and design of the fridge are important because it is now more than just a functional appliance in the kitchen.
  • Prior to purchasing a product, one must take into account the brand’s warranty. The warranty can be used to get repairs made and flaws fixed without having to pay extra money.
  • Your decision to purchase the best refrigerator will be influenced by the budget that you set for it. These days, you can easily find the newest models from the top brands at fair prices.

Top brands of refrigerator

Top brands of refrigerator

When a brand for electronic appliances provides premium goods, world-class services, and competitive pricing, it earns a spot among the top five brands. In India, the top 5 most popular and dependable brands of refrigerators are:

  • Whirlpool
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Haier
  • Bosch 
  • Godrej
  • Kelvinator

Which Compressor Is The Best For A Refrigerator?

Which Compressor Is The Best For A Refrigerator?

There are two different types of refrigerator compressors, and the compressor is the refrigerator’s beating heart. Single-type compressors, which are used in traditional refrigerators, and flexible compressors, which are used in inverter refrigerators, are the two different types of compressors.

Flexible compressors are preferable to the other for refrigerators. In addition to using less energy, this kind of compressor is also quieter than other types. This kind of compressor runs at various speeds as needed and does not automatically turn on and off.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for when buying a fridge?

A refrigerator is not a spontaneous buy. You’ll have to live with this important decision every day. You have a lot of options because there are so many different models and styles.

What’s the most reliable brand of a refrigerator?

Best overall refrigerator brand: is LG.
Best budget refrigerator brand: Frigidaire.
Best high-end refrigerator brand: is Sub-Zero.
Best smart refrigerator brand: is Samsung.
Best energy-efficient refrigerator brand: is Whirlpool.

How many years do most refrigerators last?

Ten to Twenty years
The average refrigerator is made to last 10 to 20 years. The fridge will likely cost less money, in the long run, to replace if it is over ten years old and experiencing any of the other issues on this list. Otherwise, you could spend money on fixing a refrigerator that is already beyond repair.

What month is best to buy a fridge?

Because that’s when the companies release their new line, the beginning of the year, say January through March, is typically the best time to buy a refrigerator.

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