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A laptop, laptop computer, or computer notebook is a portable personal computer that is small in size (PC) with an alphanumeric keyboard with a screen. the laptop buying guide is an action in the confusion you know what all this means and knows what exactly you want finding a perfect laptop is difficult before you find a laptop.

It is a must for you to determine what operating system you want and which is best work for you, which software you need to run on the laptop for you, and understanding the hardware is also important for you. 

the computer comes with 4 major computer operating systems. they also have strengths and weaknesses too. The first thing to look at is the operating system in the computer Major 4 the operating system there and each one of them has its strengths and weakness too

Here is an overview of each of them

  1. Windows- window are several groups of graphical operating system families developed and marketed by Microsoft, windows are the most user-friendly operating system most of the software run on the latest version and windows od is the latest version named Windows OS. The majority of computers run only OS windows which is the customer demand.                                                   
  1. Chrome OS- For web browsing simple tasks chrome OS is suitable for these types of works you will also, find more options affordable than notebooks with Chrome OS. Its interface is as similar to windows with function as less as compared to Windows, you will also run mobile android applications with chrome OS easily and safely. 
  1. macOS-You will find macOS in the Macbook which is an apple product and has similar functionality to the widows 10 in mac OS user gets Siri and the interface is neater, there is also a smart digital assistant to help you out in getting work done. 
  1. Linux is an open-source operating system which frees to use and was first    

            introduced in 1991. it is used by millions of people and is one of the most popular operating systems in the world. it is used for a wide range of tasks and is a   versatile operating system. for people who need A stable, secure, and efficient operating system Linux is a great option for them and is also best for computer learning and computer programming. 

Understanding processors name (CPU)?

Understanding processors name

First select the operating system you want and the software you are going to run in

you also need to check out the hardware first when you look at the

processor referred to chip or the CPU

Intel processor 

Intel’s main processors are the Core i3, Corei5, Corei7 & Corei9 where the core i9 is the most powerful and core i3 is the least powerful here the word core is used to get repetitive It is one of the most popular processors in the market.

it is generally used in a wide range of devices such as computers (PC), laptops, and supercomputers. They are well known for their high performance and great energy efficiency if you are looking for a processor for your computer you should consider intel the processor which is effective and efficient.  

AMD processor 

AMD is an American multinational semiconductor company based in California that

develops computer processors for the company, its main product includes

microprocessor, motherboard, graphic processor, embedded processor, personal computers, workstations, and chipset technology for cellular phones and devices.

AMD is regularly improving its processors and generating high efficiency and it remains competitive in the CPU market it is also developing new instruction set extensions (ISA) for its processors. AMD processors are cheaper than the intel

Processor and the sub-classification RYZEN having ryzen4000-5000 series. 

How much RAM do u need?

How much RAM do u need

The need for ram depends on your usage for a particular work, if you only use your

a computer for basic work like word processing and web browsing then you only

need RAM 4GB but if u do the heavy task on your computer such as video editing,

gaming then you need 8GB RAM. the is also dependent upon the type of computer

as the demand of your gaming, editing, and apps change the amount of RAM you

need also changes according to time it is good for you to take a computer

with a high amount of RAM.

How much storage do u need?

How much storage do u need

Storage is the internal drive of the laptop, the important factor in selecting the laptop storage is mainly the capacity, the storage solution must have enough space to store all files and data, the main factor is price also make sure that the storage solution you purchase gets fit to your computer and is affordable for you and fits in your budget.

laptop storage is important for you to store your data and keeps it safe for your future use, and accessible whenever you need it.

Display elements?

Display elements

While purchasing a laptop the must keep in mind that the laptop display is comfortable and suits you, the display is the primary interference between your laptop and you, so it is important for you to choose a better and more comfortable display for your use while choosing a laptop display there are few things to keep in mind while purchasing a laptop.

At first, you need to focus on the pixels of the laptop such as HD, FULL HD, 3K & 4K resolution. If you have a high-pixel it will give you more clarity and sharpness in content, the resolution means more pixels and a sharper image and the next is brightness and accuracy.

Laptops are available in a range of sizes from 11-inch ultraportable to 17-inch desktop replacements and the third is the screen type.

 the two common types are LCD and OLED panels if you are looking for a

Best picture quality considers an OLED display its refresh rate is higher than 120 HZ and for gaming is 60 HZ. The LCD is cheaper and has low quality but the OLED display is the best picture quality display and gives the best experience the touch screen laptops are becoming more common but have shorter battery life and have a high cost.

What are the different types of ports in the laptop?

types of ports in the laptop

Connecting multiple devices to laptop ports allows you to easily connect, laptops are becoming thinner and lighter and there is less room for portable connection.

it is the most important thing to keep in mind before buying a laptop, nowadays laptop comes with a variety of ports like HDMI, USB, and thunderbolt and also with some special ports for specific peripherals like an SD card reader.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the specifications of a good laptop?

What are the specifications of a good laptop?
An excellent configuration for a laptop is one with an Intel Core i5 or AMD A8/Ryzen CPU, 8GB of RAM, and a 500GB SSD. You can find a good laptop in this price range if you want to work on your office or schoolwork while playing mid-range video games.

What reduces the lifespan of a laptop?

The main factors that reduce a laptop’s lifespan include heat and dust buildup, disregard for warning signals, and liquid and careless handling among others.

What are the 5 factors to consider when buying a laptop?

Size. One of a laptop’s best qualities is its ability to fit into a laptop bag and travel with you wherever you go.
Screen Quality.
Battery life.
CPU and Storage.

What kills a laptop?

The following list contains some of the worst things you can unknowingly do to a computer.
Neglecting overheating issues, allowing liquids, dirt, and dust to run amok, etc.
Carelessly handling your laptop.
Neglecting Your Old Battery.
Stressing the Cables and Ports. Ignoring Electrical Safety.

How do I keep my laptop healthy?

Here are a few points you can keep in your mind to give your laptop a long life.
Keep it clean on the outside and on the inside.
Keep it current. 
Keep it cool.
Keep it consistent.
Keep the cord in good shape.
Keep it on continuously when you are using it.

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