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Since Covid-19 arrived on our doorsteps, face masks have become the new normal. The virus, which quickly became a global pandemic, made it impossible for people to go outside without wearing a face mask buying guide.

Face masks are now considered one of the essential items during Covid-19, as the virus threat looms over our heads. Although many countries have made wearing masks mandatory for citizens, many people are still unsure about which type of face mask will protect them from Covid-19, pollution

Here are a few simple tips for selecting the right face mask and taking the first step toward protecting yourself, your family, and your friends. 

1. Multiple Layers of Fabric: Experts recommend using layered face masks to increase your chances of avoiding the Covid-19 virus. These multi-layered face masks keep germs, bacteria, and other dust particles at bay.

2. Go for Ear Loops: This is an obvious tip that many people overlook. Masks with ear loops are more convenient to use than masks that must be tied behind the head. Masks with elastic ear loops are an excellent choice for people who must frequently travel outside. 

3. Correct Fit: Wearing a simple face mask is not enough to protect yourself during this period of Covid-19. The face mask should be simple to put on and should fit snugly against the face. The purpose of wearing a mask is defeated if it does not fit properly and leaves gaps on the sides or top. As a result, make sure the mask fits properly on your face.

4. Easy Breathing: When going outside, it is recommended that people wear face masks. As a result, it is critical that you select a face mask that does not obstruct your breathing. This will allow you to wear your masks for a longer period of time while also keeping you calm and relaxed. Select a mask made of breathable fabric. 

5. Recyclable: One of the most important considerations when selecting a face mask is whether it is reusable. Because we must wear face masks on a daily basis, using a washable and reusable mask can help us save a lot of money and time.

Different Types of Masks

different types of mask

1. Homemade Masks

Face masks, hand sanitizers, and other essential items were in high demand during the early weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic. People began making their own face masks at home using cloth and paper around this time. When entering a crowded area, the public can use homemade masks.

These masks are inexpensive and simple to make. They must also be thoroughly cleaned and washed after each use.

2. Cloth Mask

Cloth masks are one of the most effective types of face masks for preventing pollution and other diseases. They are simple to make at home and are also reusable.

They must, however, be washed after each use. Experts also advise people not to reuse the same cloth mask more than three or four times because it increases the risk of becoming infected with Covid-19.

3. Disposable Surgical Masks

These face masks can only be used once and have been in high demand during the pandemic. Surgical disposable face masks are also less expensive than other types of face masks. The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends this type of face mask for people with underlying health conditions and those over the age of 60.

4. N-95 Masks

Although experts recommend that these N-95 masks be used by healthcare workers, anyone can wear them when going to crowded places. These masks are typically disposable and can only be used once. Some may be reusable as well.

While these are the various types of masks available, we have compiled a list of the best face masks to assist you in making a more informed decision.

1. Disposable Face Mask with Elastic Ear Loops – Seniority

Seniority’s 3 Ply Disposable Face Mask is intended to reduce germ spread and promote proper hygiene. The 3-ply pollution mask’s practical construction ensures maximum comfort and allows it to be worn for extended periods of time, even in hot and humid conditions. The face mask has three fabric layers, and the three-layer filtration provides cleaner air to breathe and prevents foreign body transmission. It has super soft elastic ear loops that make it easy and comfortable to wear. Features

  • The soft fabric is used to provide maximum comfort.
  • Construction with three layers for maximum safety
  • Ear loops are elastic to ensure a perfect fit.

2. Double Layered Cloth Face Masks – Micon Impex

Micon Impex Cotton Face Masks are made to protect you from dust, odor, pollen, and toxins. The cotton face mask aids in the prevention of the spread of disease-causing germs and pollutants. It has soft cotton ear loops that make it easy to wear. Features

  • Stops the spread of bacteria and pollutants.
  • It has two layers of soft absorbent fabric.
  • Ear loops that are soft and adjustable for added comfort

3. Reusable Protective Cloth Face Mask (Grey) – Be Safe

The cotton reusable mask from Be Safe has a convenient flat-fold design for easy storage. Unlike other masks, it has enough space around the mouth to allow for easier breathing. It has soft elastic ear loops that keep the mask in place and provide an effective seal. The mask is extremely comfortable and lightweight, and it is made of high-quality cotton material that is both skin-friendly and long-lasting. Features

  • 100% cotton construction
  • Reusable for up to 30 gentle hand washes.
  • Ear loops are soft and elastic for added comfort.

4. 2.0 Strike N95 Mask Unisex – Airific

Airific’s 2.0 Strike N95 Mask Unisex is extremely comfortable and ideal for extended use. With its unique nanotechnology filter that filters particles down to 0.1 microns, this mask offers the best protection. It comes in a variety of sizes. Features

  • Protects against airborne particles
  • Keeps dust, germs, and other contaminants at bay.
  • In the middle layer, a nanotechnology filter is used.

5. Reusable Face Mask – O2 Curve

With this Reusable Face Mask, you can protect yourself from harmful germs and bacteria. It protects against various airborne contaminants and provides the best filtration. This reusable face mask is also very comfortable to wear. Features

  • The filter membrane is highly breathable.
  • It includes ultra-soft ear loops.
  • Lightweight and comfortable design

6. N95 Face Mask with Filtering Facepiece Respirators (FFR) – (5 Free Karam Safety Goggle) – Venus

This N95 face mask by Venus is designed to filter out harmful agents in the air and has a breathing valve with multiple layers of protection. It has an aluminum nose clip for a comfortable fit and adjustable ear loops to keep it in place. Features

  • Fabricated from latex-free textile elastic
  • Skin-friendly and long-lasting
  • Filtration efficiency of 95%

7. 3-Ply Surgical Protective Face Mask – Safent

The Safenet 3 Ply Surgical masks have three layers for air filtration and can be discarded after one use. For a perfect fit, the masks have elastic ear loops and an adjustable nose pin. Features

  • Filtration efficiency of 98%
  • Filtration is accomplished through three layers.
  • Nose pin that is malleable and adjustable

8. N95 Protective Face Mask – Safent

The Safenet N95 mask has 5 protective layers that help filter pollutants from the air before inhaling it. It has low breathing resistance and can be reused. Features

  • Can aid in the removal of PM 2.5 microns
  • Filtration of High Particles > 95% efficiency 0.26 micrometers
  • Filtration is accomplished through 5 layers.

9. Hypashield W95 Reusable Outdoor Protection Mask – Wildcraft

Wildcraft’s Hypashield W95 Reusable Outdoor Protection Mask features a 6-layer triple particle filtration system, making it the ideal outdoor companion. It is easy to wear and has a convenient flat-fold design for easy storage. Features

  • Greater face coverage for greater protection
  • Moisture control and particle filtering
  • Flat-folding design for easy storage

Frequently Asked Question

Which is better N95 or KN95?

In the United States, only N95 masks are permitted for medical use. Many of the same protective qualities are present in KN95 masks. Due to the fact that many KN95 products sold in the United States are fake or do not adhere to NIOSH regulations, the CDC advises consumers to shop with caution. N95 respirators are disposable, single-use equipment.

Is a KN95 better than a surgical mask?

Loss clothe made mask some prefer with the KN95 better than a surgical. You can say that surgical masks are the kind of mask that you have to change on a daily bases but you can use the KN95 for 2 or 3 day.

How do I choose a good mask?

The FDA stipulates that the mask must pass tests for fluid resistance, bacterial filtration, differential pressure (breathability), particulate filtration, and flame spread resistance in order to carry an ASTM rating. A mask’s ASTM level may be 1, 2, or 3, with level 3 being the highest performance, depending on the test results.

What masks are best for COVID?

The highest level of protection is provided by an N95. Due to its ability to filter out both large and small particles when the wearer inhales, it provides greater protection than a medical mask. The general public can use non-surgical N95s. Surgical N95 masks should only be used by medical professionals, according to the CDC.

What is a Level 3 mask?z

Moderate barrier protection at Level 2. Use for low to moderate amounts of fluids, aerosols, and/or spray. Level 3: Complete barrier defense. Use when there is a high risk of liquid, spray, or fluids.

What is a Level 3 mask?

Moderate barrier protection at Level 2. Use for low to moderate amounts of fluids, aerosols, and/or spray. Level 3: Complete barrier defense. Use when there is a high risk of liquid, spray, or fluids.

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