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Android Phone Buying Guide by Dealsdhaba


Why you buy a android phone?

There are many reasons to buy an Android phone. The first, and most important, reason is that Android phones are cheaper than iPhone. In addition, Android phones have a lot of features that iPhone don’t have, such as the ability to change your phone’s appearance with different themes and install custom-made apps from the Google Play Store. Android phones also have more storage space than iPhone, which is helpful because you can store more music, videos, and photos on them. Lastly, Android phones come in a wider Android phones are becoming more and more popular as people are getting tired of the high prices and lack of customization with Apple products. There are many reasons why you should switch to an Android phone. For starters, Android phones are a lot cheaper than the iPhone. You can get a good Android phone for half the price of an iPhone. And there are many more customization options with Android. You can change your launcher, font, widgets, and even the boot animation.

Variety: With the release of Android 9 Pie a few weeks ago, many people are wondering what new features and changes Google has made to their latest OS. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most notable additions, specifically focusing on the renewed emphasis on ‘digital well-being’.

High customization: Android phones give users a high degree of customization, not found on other platforms. Users can change their home screen, the icons that appear on it, the wallpaper, what apps are on the dock at the bottom of the screen, how many screens they want in total, and more. Android also allows users to install apps from outside of Google Play, adding even more flexibility to the device. This high degree of customization is one of Android’s main selling points and is why it has become so popular around the world.

Compatibility: Most Android phones are compatible with each other. In addition, they are also compatible with many of the applications that are available on the Google Play Store. This is great news for people who have Android phones, because it means that they will be able to use most of the applications that are available on the store without any problems. Android phones are compatible with a variety of apps. The Google Play store offers a wide variety of apps for Android users. In addition, many companies make their own Android app versions that a not be available on the Google Play store.

Cheaper to purchase: Android phones are cheaper to purchase in the United States than iPhones are. This is because Apple has a locked-in business model in which they produce a limited number of phones and charge a high price for them. Android phone manufacturers, by contrast, produce a wide variety of phones and compete on the basis of price. Android phones are cheaper to purchase, and most of them come with a warranty.

Warranty: Android phones come with a warranty, and it’s important to know what it covers. Most Android phone warranties cover problems that occur with the hardware of the phone, like the screen or the buttons. They may also cover problems with the software of the phone, but this depends on the particular warranty. It’s important to read the warranty before you buy an Android phone, so you know what is and is not covered.

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